From May 21 to May 26, 2023, the picturesque island of Spetses, Greece, became the hub of blockchain education as the Mega-Ace Summer School took place. This transformative event, funded by Algorand Foundation through the MEGA-ACE project of the Algorand Centers of Excellence programme and locally organized by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Purdue blockchain Lab, brought together 140 participants from 15 different countries. With its breathtaking scenery and immersive educational program, the summer school provided a unique platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration in the world of blockchain technology.

Throughout the week, participants engaged in a diverse range of educational activities, including interactive workshops, hands-on coding sessions, and panel discussions led by prominent experts in the blockchain space. The program delved into key topics such as consensus mechanisms, decentralized finance, smart contracts, and scalability, equipping participants with practical knowledge and real-world applications of blockchain technology.

The inclusion of Greek dance, culture, swimming, and fun activities within the event's schedule ensured a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for participants. By embracing the local traditions and utilizing the island's natural beauty, the Mega-Ace Summer School fostered an environment where learning, cultural exchange, and leisure seamlessly intertwined, leaving participants with not only valuable knowledge but also a sense of adventure and connection to Greece.

Participant Experiences:

The summer school attendees shared their experiences, expressing their enthusiasm for the comprehensive and engaging program. Md Sohazur Islam Sozib, a participant from the United Arab Emirates, remarked, " The program was an incredible learning experience, from thought-provoking lectures to deep-diving discussions. Not only did it broaden my knowledge of blockchain technology, but it also showcased the innovative ways it is being used in various industries today. The speakers, a mix of industry experts and eminent professors, left no stone unturned in our collective quest for blockchain knowledge."

Recognition and Appreciation:

The success of the Mega-Ace Summer School was made possible by the collaborative efforts of numerous individuals and organizations. Special recognition goes to Algorand for their generous funding, enabling the summer school to offer an exceptional educational experience to participants. The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Purdue Blockchain Lab played a pivotal role in organizing the event, providing logistical support and ensuring a smooth execution of the program.

The logistical support provided went beyond expectations, taking into account the individual needs and preferences of attendees to create a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Customized Support Based on Questionnaires:

Understanding that each participant may have unique requirements, the summer school organizers proactively gathered information through questionnaires. These questionnaires allowed participants to provide details about dietary restrictions, accessibility needs, and any other specific requests. By gathering this information in advance, the organizers were able to personalize the event and make necessary accommodations, ensuring that every attendee felt welcomed and cared for.

Transfers from Airport and Athens Center:

Recognizing that travel logistics can be challenging, especially in an unfamiliar destination, the summer school organizers arranged transfers for participants arriving from both the airport and the center of Athens. This thoughtful service eliminated the stress of navigating public transportation or finding transportation options independently. Participants could simply focus on their journey, knowing that reliable and comfortable transfers were arranged on their behalf, allowing for a smooth transition to the summer school location.


The Mega-Ace Summer School on Spetses Island proved to be a remarkable gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, fostering global collaboration and knowledge sharing. Participants returned to their respective countries equipped with a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and a network of like-minded individuals ready to drive innovation in their industries.

Incorporating the rich Greek culture and embracing the natural beauty of Spetses Island, the Mega-Ace Summer School went beyond education and offered participants a holistic experience. Alongside the rigorous academic program, the event celebrated Greek traditions, fostering a sense of community and allowing participants to unwind and connect on a personal level.

As the summer school came to a close, the island of Spetses bid farewell to a community of inspired blockchain practitioners who, united by a shared vision, are poised to shape the future of decentralized technologies. The success of this event serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, education, and inclusivity in advancing the blockchain ecosystem.

Please take a look at the event's beautiful photos here.